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Cat Power for New Yorker, 2012 — Roe Ethridge

Seiichi Hayashi


These are my favourite Hel-Looks


Anna Dello Russo

I keep sabotaging myself
by falling in love
with people
who leave their marks in me like parasites.
And when it ends,
and they leave,
I can’t get them out.
I can’t get them out of me.
I can’t ever heal.

Kayla Kathawa (via ninakathawa)

But at some point you just have to let. it. go. Let go and stop waiting around for that call or text that wont happen because while youre waiting hes moving on and youll be stuck in the same place, blaming yourself and wondering why you feel so small. You wont even think , “maybe his hands where too big to hold me and he let me slip right through”. I mean have you forgotten youve been through enough and youre so young ? Youre going to break, youre going to explode if you keep holding on to every hurt youve endured from people you loved. People will hurt you and thats the sacrifice you make when you let them in but you arent the issue , and dont ever let someone make you feel like youre a problem, like you arent enough. Youll get over this , like you got over the last and youll get your heart broken some more and youll get over that too. But dont let them destroy you. You accept and you let go. Just let it go. Life goes on and you have to go on with it.
Letters To Self (via askaboutnikki)